Hey Look! Another e-mail from H & R Pye’s! I know you can hardly contain your excitement.

Well, we said on March 24th that the issues surrounding the COVID-19 virus were fluid.   With the latest update from the State of Maine – extending the filing deadline (and thereby payment date if you owe) to match the IRS deadline of July 15, 2020, and the increasing threat of the Coronavirus, we have made the decision to close our office for two weeks, as of Saturday, March 28th at 5:00 p.m.  We will reopen on Monday, April 13th.  Hopefully by that time the curve will be flattened and life as we all know it will be restored to some semblance of normalcy.

As a reminder, you can get your documents to us in a variety of ways:

  1. You can mail them;
  2. E-mail them to; or
  3. If you are planning on dropping your documents off to our office, please do so AFTER April 13TH in our secure drop box to the left of our front door.

Appointments scheduled during this two-week period will be given the highest priority for completion upon our return to the office.

If you have not yet scheduled your appointments, please call us after April 13th to get on the schedule.  As noted previously, we will be scheduling appointments for May 4th through June 15th.  We will not be making tax appointments in July.

We will be continuing the practice of NOT seeing clients in the office for the foreseeable future. We will re-evaluate this decision as time goes on.

As the IRS and the State have extended the filing deadline, it is our goal to not have to file any extensions after July 15th.  Please help us help you by having all of your documentation ready – including the engagement documents and check off lists – and to our office as soon as possible.

We have had some crazy tax seasons, but I have to say, this is probably the craziest.  We appreciate your understanding during these trying times.

Stay well.


2020 Tax Season be like: