Checklists & Worksheets

All clients need to complete items 1 through 6 (please complete the Client Information Sheet, even if nothing has changed.  We use this form to ensure that all databases are up to date. Thank you).

  1. TY19 Engagement Letter
  2. TY19 Consent To Use Information
  3. TY19 Avantax Disclosure Authorization
  4. TY19 Client Information Sheet
  5. TY19 Drivers License Form 

  6. TY19 Personal COL
  7. TY19 Business COL
  8. TY19 Business COL – Truckers
  9. TY19 Business COL – Rental Property
  10. TY19 Business COL – Real Estate Agent
  11. TY19 Business COL – Fishing
  12. TY19 Business COL – Daycare

    If you are mailing in your tax documents or dropping them off to us,  you will need to complete and sign the following documents:

  • The Engagement Letter
  • The IRS Disclosure and Consent
  • Client Information Worksheet
  • Personal Check off list (COL);
  • Any other applicable check off list
  • Driver’s License form.  Please be aware that not completing these documents will only delay your return. Thank you.

Please send your tax documents by mail (we recommend you send it in a way that you can obtain a tracking notice) or email to please include TAX DOCUMENTS in the subject line.  Please do not fax your tax documents.

Miscellaneous Checklists

Part Year Resident

If you have either moved into Maine or moved out of Maine during the year, we will need you to print out and answer the questions on this worksheet and send it to us with your tax information. Part Year Maine Resident

Form 8332

This form is now required to be included with the tax return of the Non Custodial Parent who is claiming their child. The form has to be filled in and signed and dated by the Custodial Parent giving permission for the Non Custodial Parent to have the exemption on their tax return.  Please include this with your tax information when you come in our office or mail in your tax information. Form 8332

Prior Year Forms:

  1. TY18 Client Information Sheet
  2. TY18 Engagement Letter
  3. Y18 Drivers License Form
  4. TY18 Consent To Use Information 
  5. TY18 Disclosure Authorization
  6. TY18 Personal Check off List (COL)
  7. TY18 Business  Check off list (COL )
  8. TY18 Business Check off List (COL) – Daycare
  9. TY18 Business Check off List (COL) – Fishing
  10. TY18 Business Check off list (COL) – Real Estate Agent
  11. TY18 Business  Check off list (COL) – Rental Property
  12. TY18 Business COL – Truckers


All clients need to complete items 1 through 5 (please complete the Client Information Sheet, even if nothing has changed.  We use this form to ensure that all databases are up to date. Thank you).

  1. Engagement Letter
  2. TY17 Client Information Sheet
  3. TY17 Consent to Use
  4. TY17 Disclosure Authorization 
  5. TY17 Personal Check Off List
  6. Driver’s License Form – this is a new form..  Our tax program is asking for identification information in an effort to assist in the event of identify theft.  Please complete this form and send it with your other tax documents.  Please note if you do not want to provide this information in our tax program,  you do not have to; in that event, please sign at the bottom to indicate you are declining to provide the information.

Business COL – Commercial Fishing

Business COL – Daycare

Business COL – General

Business COL – Real Estate Agents

Business COL – Rental Property

Business COL – Truckers

TY17 EIC Questionnaire – you must complete this form AND obtain the necessary proof of residency if you can claim the Earned Income Credit