March 24, 2020 Statement on Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic

Issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic continue to be fluid.  Following Governor Mill’s press conference this afternoon, and her decision at this time to NOT extend Maine’s filing deadline to coincide with the IRS, it has been determined that tax preparation and related financial services are considered “Essential” businesses.

As of right now, it is our plan to remain open through April 15th but we are making further changes to our practices.

  1. While our business has been deemed essential, we have determined that due to compromised immune systems of some of our staff, our office is now closed for entry by clients. Note that we are here working, Monday through Saturday, but you will not be able to enter the building.
  2. As noted in our prior communications, we will not be seeing clients face to face. If you have an upcoming appointment, we will prepare your taxes on that appointment date/time.  You will need to get your documents to us at least one day prior to your appointment.  You can get your documents to us in a variety of ways:
    1. Mail them to us at 46 Varney Mill Road, Bath, Maine 04530;
    2. Email them to; or
    3. Leave them in the secured drop box to the left of our main entrance

Please note that you will need to complete all of the engagement documents as well as the Personal Check Off List (and any other check off list your return requires) in their entirety

You can print the engagement documents from our website  – –(essentially items 1 through 6).  If you are unable to print these forms, please call us and we will mail them to you

If these documents are not provided with your tax documents, and are not completed (i.e. answer all of the questions, fill in all of the information on the check lists) you will be placed on extension.

If you do not yet have an appointment, please call the office to schedule one.  At this point in time we are scheduling appointments for May 4th through June 15th.  We will not be making tax appointments in July.

We realize these are stressful times.  As your tax professional we are doing our best to make sure your returns are processed in as timely a manner as possible.

We will continue to keep you updated to any changes.

Thank you for your understanding.